Failure Analysis

Microelectronics Failure Analysis – Complete service for construction and failure analysis of semiconductor devices. Obtain accurate line widths, diffusion depths and film thicknesses using precision cross-sectioning and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) imaging.


Common questions related to failure analysis:

  • What constitutes a failure?
  • How bad is this particular example?
  • What percentages of the parts are failing?
  • Is this a constant problem or does the failure come and go?
  • Have you been able to engineer a solution to the problem or failure?   If so, what did you do?
  • Are good parts actually good or are they close to failure themselves?
  • Do you have an example of a truly excellent part?
  • Do you have an example of a truly terrible part or just the failure in hand?


This coil was electrically open and displayed a green deposit.


EDS found the green deposit to be a corrosion product caused by chlorine.


The Coil wire was found to be severed by corrosion.